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The Coronavirus presents is an unprecedented global pandemic with a widespread and potentially long last impact that can affect all areas of law from employment to contract to legislative and beyond.  In response to the outpouring of questions and concerns regarding these matters the team at the Curry Law Firm, PLLC developed the Coronavirus Legal News site to streamline the massive amount of news circulating on the virus to matters that impact the legal needs of small businesses and individuals alike.   The goals is to provide a resource to capture the legal trends and news as the ever changing developments emerge.  Additional resources outside of the national impact are provided in the local section that focuses on Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.  This page pulls together the most up to date legal news on the Coronavirus from a variety of sources throughout the USA and beyond.  When we re-publish content we respect publications so we link directly to publishers websites and our readers will quickly move from our site to the site of the source publishing partner.

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